Monday, August 22, 2011

Commentary Etiquette

Since we are all new to this blog and maybe blogging in general, I would like to take this opportunity to make sure everyone understands a few ground rules:

1. Anyone can post a comment regardless of being a student, parent, fan, visitor, or stranger to our department and our blog.

2. All comments will be sent to me for approval before being published.

3. For a comment to be considered, I will check for either complete first and last name, a first inital and last name, or first name and last inital. I will not post comments that are made anonymously or with nicknames that cover up the true identity of the poster.

4. For a comment to be considered, I will read the comment to check for politeness of language and overall content. I will not post commentary that has inappropriate language or content that would be unacceptable in the school environment. This blog is on the world wide web, which means that anyone can access it and make an opinion of the people associated with the Hamilton Heights Choral Department. The image that we portray must be one of integrity and honesty. I will not tolerate content that is offensive or critical to anyone, vulgar, rude, etc. I will post opinions, compliments, criticisms, etc. as long as they are written in a diplomatic and mature, adult manner.

Miss Boone